VPN & Firewall Solution

Placing a VPN server in front of the firewall can lead to greater security in some cases. Remember that a VPN allows users who are external to the network to feel like they are sitting on a machine inside the network. A hacker who hijacks a connection to a VPN server that is inside the firewall will be able to do some serious damage. However, if you have a dedicated VPN box that sits outside the firewall and that is only capable of sending VPN traffic through the firewall, you can limit the damage a hacker can do by hacking the VPN box. This option also allows you to limit the resources authenticated VPN users can access on the local network by filtering their traffic at the firewall. However, one vulnerability with this scenario is that the traffic between the firewall and the VPN server is not encrypted.

  • · Implement a comprehensive network security solution
  • · Deny unauthorized access
  • · Provide layered defense with network segmentation
  • · Encrypt the traffic
  • · Prevent attacks
  • · Gain visibility over network traffic
  • · Protect unpatched environments
  • · Obtain a unified view and full control over your security systems


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