Hotspot Solution

Design and print voucher tickets by yourself, and distribute them on your selling points. Offers different templates for voucher tickets and each template can be customized to include your logo, contact details, access code, access parameters and limits, cost of the ticket. Tickets can be printed when needed, or in advance, for example 100 tickets printed and distributed to various sales locations.

• Easily create prepaid accounts or voucher tickets
• Post charges to the guest room using PMS interface
• Free access with daily limits on download, time, data
• Combine free trial with paid faster access
• Remote HotSpot operator for front-desk staff
• require accepting terms of use before session
• Collect guest data (name, Email, address)

• Configure your currency
• Setup different Internet packages with your own pricing
• Flexible download and upload rate control
• Customer data collection
• Time scheduling to offer different rates on selected time of day
• activity log
• Employee accounts, admin, manager and operator
• Multiple location support
• Automatic E-mail notifications


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