Point–To-Point Linking

High-speed wireless systems are used to provide internet access to end-users using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. Wireless data links take place where there is no infrastructure for internet access or in places where bandwidth offered by current channels is too low. With our wireless equipment you can get high bandwidth on very long distances at very reasonable price. Our equipment provides various features including firewall, NAT, VPN, Bandwidth Management, QoS and many more.


PtP links are an excellent way how to make connections between two sites and achieve high data transfer speeds. This is an ideal way how to connect two offices. Also these type of wireless links are very useful if you need to create backbone link from some distant radio access point to your main Internet source. For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless client kits.



  • Cost effective solution
  • High-speed wireless data links
  • Connection distance up to 70 km without repeater sites.
  • IP - NAT, Routing, DHCP
  • Security - Firewall, Secure Tunnels
  • Control - Queues, Proxy, Accounting, HotSpot
  • Fast and simple installation for base station and clients
  • Reliable and instant 24 hour internet access


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