Internet Via Satellite (VSAT)

One of the newest technologies in the delivery of broadband Internet service is satellite Internet. With satellite, the Internet signal is delivered wirelessly to your home receiver without the need for a phone line or cable installation. Speeds on satellite are comparable to most common broadband connections, and the cost for monthly service is also fairly in line with other broadband delivery methods.

Ease of Access

  • Due to the wide signal footprint of a satellite, Internet provided through this method can be made available to rural areas that may not have DSL or cable options available. Because there is no reliance on wires or other on-the-ground systems for delivery, satellite Internet has a much larger service range than the traditional broadband connection.

Connection Speed

  • With speeds up to 2 megabits per second (Mbps), satellite downloads are fast and efficient. Compared with the traditional dial-up connection through a 56k modem, customers who switch to satellite can look forward to a connection that is roughly forty times faster than what they're currently experiencing; this may differ depending on your current Internet setup and the satellite provider you choose.

Open Phone Lines

  • Satellite Internet is sent as a wireless signal from the satellite to your house and doesn't tie up your phone line when in use. Your Internet access will always be turned "on," without the need to dial into a connection or clear the phone line beforehand. As long as the satellite service is operational, you'll be able to access the Internet.


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