Call center

Properly implemented call center prove to be a powerful tool for the enhancement of the whole process of working. As far as they are characterized as non-intrusive, they do not prevent employees from performing their regular duties. They simply help the company management understand their current problems and ways of their solution. They also motivate the staff to work better for the benefit of the organization.


Major tasks of a typical call center

One of the drawbacks of employing home-based agents is that they do not cooperate with each other. Some of them admit that they lack communication and professional assistance, which is frequently reflected in the quality of their work.  This is where call center metrics may become helpful. They provide a great opportunity to unite both in-house and remote employees into a single qualified team. Modern online technologies make it possible today to display these metrics on any desktop applications, thus providing home-based staff with the same data related to current phone call traffic as office employees have. Call center managers have learnt to measure the productivity of remote agents’ work by means of the above mentioned information technologies as well. No matter what call center metrics you decide to apply in your company, you will not face problems with home-based employees. Reliable Internet connection is what will help you succeed in this process.

  • Enterprise-class scalability
  • Multi-node resiliency and failover capability
  • Global system configuration administration
  • Global queuing across all sites
  • PBX/IP independence
  • Full multi-media contact blending
  • Tasks queuing
  • Blended inbound and outbound voice
  • Complete interaction lifecycle history
  • Push/pull interactions
  • Customer, skills and proficiency based routing
  • Customer segmentation and prioritization


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