Radio paging system

It’s committed to delivering solutions that give you greater choice and control of your mission-critical communications future. Benefit from a user-focused open standard that specifies key capabilities such as spectral efficiency, interoperability, flexibility, security, data and migration from analog to digital operation.

We delivers the advantages of the global Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) open standard. An experienced team works with you to deliver digital clarity, radio spectrum efficiency and IP-based flexibility for more effective data and voice communications.

Our solution is backed by DMR reputation for resilient networks, robust, reliable terminals and our ability to tailor a system to each customer's exact needs. Smooth migration from analog and multi-vendor procurement ensures ongoing value and flexibility for customers choosing a DMR solution.

Three types of paging systems can be provided to best meet your requirements: base station paging, simulcast paging and remote paging.

  • Portables
  • Mobiles
  • Base Stations
  • Networks
  • Keys of Advanced Radio paging solution..
  • ·Effectively contact a group instantly in all situations

  • ·Alpha numeric display provides basic instructions to users

  • ·A remote paging site can operate as a conventional voice repeater when not operating in paging mode

  • ·Supports narrowband (12.5 kHz – NTIA compliant) and wideband (25 kHz) paging


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