Solar Powered Surveillance Systems

Solar power security cameras provide 24-hour surveillance during the day and at night irrespective of adverse weather conditions and strong wind. These cameras have a solar panel with solar or photovoltaic cells to trap sunlight and convert it into electricity for efficiently powering one or more security cameras.

The solar security cameras are ideal for providing continuous operation throughout the year using wireless technology that is easy to use and maintain. We can also offer customized security camera systems for vigilance in all areas, and to meet the specific security needs of different industries. We supplies a wide variety of solar security cameras, including 4G, Wi-Fi, PTZ, IR Bullet, Vandal Dome, Mini Dome, and License Plate Capture.


  • ·Eco-Friendly power source

  • ·Used in areas with lack of power lines

  • ·Self-sustaining power source

  • ·Weatherproof design

  • ·Solar panels usually last 10+ years

  • Wireless capability


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