IP-Camera & NVR solution

NVR deliver an expansive list of features for companies across the board, supporting whatever needs they have. With international clients all over the world, we partnered with Software to, using their leading server-based IP video surveillance software; develop the best complete NVR package possible. This state-of-the-art software is available in multi languages and is used extensively through Europe and Asia. It offers unparalleled support for multiple resolutions and multiple formats for input and export to match the amount of storage space users are working with. It also provides multi-camera support for simultaneous recording from up to ten different sources, and with PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera control, every camera connected to the system, whether it’s local or remote, can be adjusted live from a central location.

Businesses of all sizes require video monitoring. Big and small, local and remote, stores and offices, no matter what your situation, the solution has to fit your needs. To provide for everyone across the board, we have a product line that stretches from small-medium business all the way to enterprise.


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