Analog-Camera & DVR solution

The Video Insight Server is the cornerstone of the product and is used to convert the cameras signals into digital files. A single server allows you to connect up to 32 cameras and can be linked to other servers to support hundreds of cameras. The server typically will store the video on its local hard drive but can also be configured to support network storage or other Windows based storage systems. The user interface is easy to use and has a standard Windows interface. You can view up to 32 video streams in multiple display configurations. As part of our powerful infrastructure, Video Insight stores all its settings and log entries inside Microsoft SQL database tables. This gives us a very solid platform to deliver advanced features.

Video Insight has two primary functions: it records the video and provides tools to view live or recorded video. The system is designed to be easy to use while having very powerful features.

  • Select camera, date, time and play the file
  • Select multiple cameras to be played back simultaneously
  • Select recordings to be played using the timeline chart
  • Select recordings to be playing using thumbnails
  • Select recordings to be played using the Event Log
  • Smart Search
  • POS transaction search
  • Overlay and zoom


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