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Data is unquestionably the lifeblood of today's digital organization. Storage solutions remain a top priority in IT budgets precisely because the integrity, availability and protection of data are vital to business productivity and success. But the role of information storage far exceeds day to day functions. Enterprises are also operating in an era of increased uncertainty. IT personnel find themselves assessing and planning for more potential risks than ever before. A backup and disaster recovery plan is essential, and information storage solutions provide the basis for its execution.

Businesses are also subject to a new wave of regulatory compliance legislation that directly affects the process of storing, managing and archiving data. This is especially true for the financial services and healthcare industries, which handle highly sensitive information and bear extra responsibility for maintaining data integrity and privacy.

Our ZFS based SAN / NAS Solution protects your organization's data with features and capabilities ranging from the most granular, per transaction data integrity checks to higher level backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Every read or write made, utilizes ZFS data integrity. To avoid accidental and silent data corruption ZFS provides end-to-end check summing and transactional copy-on-write IO operations.  These operations eliminate the 'write-holes' and silent data corruption that have plagued storage solutions that are not based on ZFS.

At a higher level, solution enables you to protect your data through a range of backup and replication capabilities including unlimited incremental snapshot capabilities.  Most legacy vendor solutions are limited to 255 snapshots, which limits your freedom when setting up backup and protection schemes for your data.  Other open source based solutions offer at most one or two incremental snapshots since Linux based snapshots will spike your CPU with each additional snapshot spiking your CPU that much more.

Our Solution also offers block-level mirroring via our CDP feature.  Now you can easily set up synchronous mirroring for your disaster recovery and remote backup requirements. You can even create write-once, read many volumes, or WORM volumes.  This can protect your data from accidental -- or intentional -- deletion.


Supports NAS and SAN:


Highly scalable capacity and performance:

  • Benchmarked at over 2,500MB sec - 3x
  • the largest NTAP available
  • Takes advantage of latest technology

Unlimited snapshots and clones

  • With fully integrated search
  • Full active/active HA configuration
  • No single point of failure
  • Heterogeneous block and file replication
  • Allows easy DR configurations
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous

Internal RAID-Z and spares

Virtualization integration

  • Vmware, XEN and Hyper-V

Integrated Windows back up & restore

Cloud storage capabilities

Compression, Dedupe and in box virus scan

End to end data integrity

  • No silent data corruption

Thin provisioning

Non-disruptive volume Grow/Shrink


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SASO Certified

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