Data Center

The data center is the nerve center of your business. Users depend on data center applications running at peak performance with data available to authorized users, and resources available for new projects.

Data centers are complicated and your largest IT expense. A typical enterprise data center may house thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of storage. The physical infrastructure of your data center must support shifting asset allocation and management technologies such as virtualization.

AxisTelcom has been specializing in data center design and implementation since its inception. We know how to integrate components from multiple vendors into a cohesive, manageable whole that performs to your application requirements. We provide feasibility analysis, technology master format planning, power and cooling systems analysis, cost budgeting, and project management.

AxisTelcom Data consultant team can help you:

  • Assess your current data center and recommend improvements for network infrastructure
  • Optimal server and storage performance, and business continuity.
  • Design and implement data center solutions that meet your performance and budget requirements.
  • Consolidate resources to increase server and storage utilization rates
  • Conserve power, space, and cooling
  • Build secondary or mirrored data canters as part of your business continuity plan in case of disaster


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SASO Certified

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