WAN Optimization

There are many challenges with existing WAN technologies that make it difficult to deliver applications across a distributed enterprise.

Limited bandwidth and high traffic volume often lead to network congestion, which can result in packet loss, latency, and jitter. These can have an adverse effect on application performance. This problem is compounded when different applications with unique delivery requirements vie for the same network resources. For example, voice traffic should be handled quite differently than web traffic when traversing a WAN. In addition, security concerns exist when business critical traffic is sent across a shared infrastructure, such as the Internet. As a result, IT managers have their hands full dealing with a variety of limitations that come with Wide Area Networking. AxisTelcom is Partner with Silver Peak Incorporation which is world's leading WAN Optimization Solution company. The Solution provides following:

Data Center Consolidation

Consolidating data centers lowers operational expenditures and reduces facility costs. However, it can extend the distance between users and information, which hurts application performance.
By overcoming WAN bandwidth, latency, and quality issues, Silver Peak lets enterprises put data centers wherever they make business sense. In addition, data migration happens easily and cost effectively. For these reasons, Linklater’s, Merial, The Prudential, Verizon and other leading companies have turned to Silver Peak's WAN optimization to support data center consolidation efforts.

Disaster Recovery

Silver Peak improves the performance and reliability of data replication, backup, and disaster recovery across a WAN. The Silver Peak solution cost effectively scales to support large data center environments, delivering LAN-like performance under the heaviest load. Only Silver Peak performs WAN deduplication and Network Integrity on both TCP and UDP traffic, improving data transfer times and maximizing WAN efficiency across all disaster recovery applications, including solutions from EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Compellent, Symantec, Double-Take and other leading vendors.
Silver Peak is helping companies like Capgemini, NYK logistics, and Toshiba move more while spending less on their offsite disaster recovery objectives.

Server and Storage Centralization

There are cost, management, security and compliance benefits associated with moving servers and storage from branch offices to centralized data centers. All too often, however, enterprises look at this initiative exclusively from a branch office perspective, ignoring the scalability and performance issues that arise within the data center when many users are accessing resources housed there.

The Silver Peak solution accelerates performance for all centralized enterprise applications, from traditional office applications to real-time traffic. This includes:

1- Email (MS Exchange®, IBM Lotus Notes®, SMTP)
2- File services (CIFS, NFS, FTP)
3- web, document management, and other productivity and collaboration tools.
4- ERP, CRM and other enterprise application
5- Interactive and transactional applications, such as Citrix XenApp, Remote Desktop, VDI, and SQL
6- Real-time and streaming media, including Voice over IP (VoIP) and video distribution.

Companies like Autodesk, Finisar, and VMware have turned to Silver Peak's WAN optimization to support their server and storage centralization initiatives.

Real-Time Collaboration and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Voice, video, and real-time data are increasingly important to employee productivity. As enterprises move to MPLS and Internet VPNs, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver these real-time applications with consistent performance. Similarly, VDI is the classic thin client application, with connection brokers, hosts, servers, and storage often located in data centers. The farther users are from these data centers, the more difficult it is to ensure adequate performance.
As deployments grow in size, data centers must support thousands upon thousands of simultaneous desktop connections, VoIP calls, and other real-time sessions. This presents unique scalability challenges, which Silver Peak addresses. As a result, Linklaters, The Doctors, The Prudential, eBay and similar companies have turned to Silver Peak to cost effectively improve the performance and reliability of real-time applications and VDI across the WAN.

Cloud Computing

Irrespective of the type of service deployed, all cloud computing initiatives have one thing in common – data is centralized, while users are distributed. This places an increased emphasis on the network, making cloud computing susceptible to the same WAN bandwidth, latency, and quality challenges that impact other enterprise applications. By overcoming these challenges, Silver Peak’s WAN optimization is critical to all cloud computing initiatives.
For more information on how enterprises are using Silver Peak to support cloud initiatives, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (Saas), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), download this whitepaper.


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